Who Are We?

The volunteers at Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control (AACACC) created Friends of AACACC in 2014 because the animals need our help – and yours! In addition to the hundreds of hours of time our small cadre of volunteers donates each month, most of us have dug repeatedly into our own pockets to provide items that aren’t in the shelter’s county budget but that help make shelter life better for the animals and/or encourage adoptions. But because there is so much more to be done than our little group of volunteers can finance, we created Friends of AACACC, an IRS-registered 501(c)(3) charity that solicits donations that we use to improve and to SAVE the lives of the homeless animals at the shelter. 

FEIN: 47-1552999 

Maryland Sales & Use Tax Registration Number: 15692067 

Board of Directors

Anna Boardman
Anna BoardmanBoard Member
Anna was one of the original founders of The Friends organization, but took a year off when she moved out of State. Realizing she could continue to volunteer from afar, both for the shelter and Friends, she has happily rejoined the board. Anna’s primary volunteer focus is working with rescue groups, and other behind the scenes tasks that can be done from miles away. She shares her home with 2 pugs and Snaggletooth a Himalayan cat adopted from AACACC in 2014.
Nichole Dooley
Nichole DooleyBoard Member
Nichole became a volunteer at AACACC in 2021 after finding her passion for dog rescue while volunteering at another local animal shelter. She spends her free time walking Anne Arundel County’s homeless dogs, facilitating adoptions, and advocating for their proper care. Nichole also fosters dogs that are too scared for the shelter environment or need specialized care while they wait for their forever home. She currently has two Chihuahuas, Ace and Cheyenne.
Megan Kaplan Hendrick
Megan Kaplan HendrickBoard Member
Megan started volunteering at AACACC in March 2022, when she and her family lost their much loved, 9-year-old, 100-pound Great Pyrenees due to an aggressive cancer. She wanted to help the dogs at the shelter get outside and have a break from their indoor kennels. Little Blueberry arrived as a stray that first summer she was volunteering. Megan decided to take her home and foster her through a much-needed surgery, where she soon became what some call a “foster fail.”
Megan has a deep love for all animals and just wanted to help make their lives a little bit better. Her family also has a 9-year-old cat, Sammie, who was adopted as a feral kitten.
Robin Nocar
Robin NocarSecretary
One of Robin’s good friends was a volunteer at the shelter and knowing the love Robin had for animals she suggested Robin might like to volunteer as well. She joined the small group of volunteers in 2013. “I get so much joy from the animals. Anything I can do to make their life better at the shelter is very important to me.” Robin volunteers mainly with dogs, but also fosters dogs and underage kittens. Luckily her group of 3 dogs and 2 cats is welcoming to any animal she brings home. Her dog, Scout (adopted from the shelter in 2015), can often be seen at Friend’s events because he loves people as much as Robin loves dogs.
Joshua Stivers
Joshua StiversBoard Member
Joshua has been a volunteer since 2018. He has lived with pets for as long as he can remember, including dogs, cats, and fish. He and his wife—a longtime volunteer herself—currently live with seven cats, five of which were adopted from AACACC. They are seasoned fosters as well, having shared their home with upwards of thirty animals to date (cats, turtles, rabbits, and bearded dragons) and loving them as their own—even adopting three of them!
Chris Weinstein 
Chris Weinstein President
When she began volunteering at AACACC in January 2014, Chris thought she’d spend a handful of hours each month walking dogs, but she quickly was immersed in several shelter activities, including working with its rescue coordinator to find homes for animals that otherwise might not be adopted. Chris is a retired newspaper reporter/editor who writes the Friends’ Facebook posts. She has a pit bull, Lacey, and three cats, J.J., Midget and Pershing; all were adopted from the shelter.