Our Mission

Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control exists to help the thousands of homeless pets that arrive each year at this open-access shelter. It was formed by the shelter’s volunteers to do what this government-run shelter cannot do itself: Ask for money to supplement its slim county budget, solicit in-kind assistance from businesses and individuals, and promote the many good things being done by AACACC for needy pets in Anne Arundel County both in and out of the shelter.

Friends of AACACC provides the animals with thousands of dollars in food, vet visits, flea/tick medications, and other fairly basic day-to-day comforts that are not covered by the shelter’s budget, as well as bigger ticket enhancements to the shelter such as sound-abatement improvements to its dog adoption gallery. Because the members of Friends of AACACC are shelter volunteers, we see the need up close, and we look every day into the eyes of frightened animals that need our help – and yours.

How to Help

Your financial donations help us buy items needed by the animals in bulk and at substantial savings, as well as pay for bigger ticket needs. But we also have a wish list of items we are looking for – some of which you might just have at home right now.


This young lab was seriously injured after apparently being hit by a car in Annapolis. Her owner never was found, and so we paid for the surgery she received from her injuries at [...]

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Our Facebook page highlights the remarkable stories of hope and love that happen every day at the shelter, from pets being reunited with long-lost owners to touching stories of compassion by both those who visit the shelter and those who work there.

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